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"5 Minutes with "ABCDiagnosis" | Your Cancer Services


"5 Minutes with "ABCDiagnosis" | Your Cancer Services


There are over 55,000 new breast cancer diagnoses in the UK every year, and due to the quality of screening and treatment it has one of the largest cancer survival rates in the country.

Help and support for those living with breast cancer is an incredibly important part of their journey and organisations like ABCDiagnosis offer the information and support needed for patients to make informed decisions. Launch in 2013 by Jo Taylor, her work and advocacy has had global reach and Jo even offers a free book with useful information and patient stories for those affected by breast cancer. We spoke to Jo to find out more...

What services do you offer people living with cancer?

Abcdiagnosis is an organisation and network offering ongoing peer to peer support for patients with a breast cancer diagnosis, reducing fear, anxiety & isolation, and supporting them to resume their normal everyday life, both living with & beyond cancer.  After my own diagnosis with breast cancer in 2007, I became acutely aware of the lack of resources & information available to breast cancer patients. One avenue I explored was exercise, finding that my own mental health & well-being improved substantially when exercise became part of my own approach to my diagnosis. The web site has grown and developed over the years and I think it helps that I can relate to all aspects of other patient’s journeys, having breast cancer myself.

Created in 2013 we are the patient “one stop shop” for breast cancer, whether it be primary or secondary breast cancer.  Additionally we offer a 2 day exercise retreat for breast cancer patients.


Do you have a target demographic who use your services?

Women mainly who are diagnosed with breast cancer and men get breast cancer too.  Age isn't an issue.  


How are you funded?

We are a CIC – Community Interest Company and look for grants and donations to support the work we do.


What’s the most rewarding thing about the work you do?

Making change for cancer patients, seeing them enjoy exercise and hear people say “I didn’t think I could do that” after doing say running or cycling for the first time or since cancer treatment. Motivational exercise works.

5 Minutes with ABCDiagnosis

What would you say to those who are considering getting in touch with you but are nervous or apprehensive?

Always here to support and help in various ways.  I'm a patient myself so totally understand being nervous or being apprehensive.


Who works for you?

We are an organization of volunteers.


What are the values of your organisation?

Support, change, motivation. 


And finally, can you describe your organisation in 3 words?

“One Stop Shop"


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