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22 November 2021 - by David Allen

Something To Look Forward To are a family founded cancer charity providing gifts and experiences to people affected by cancer and their families.

The charity’s aims are to promote the wellbeing, relieve the stress and aid recuperation of those who are experiencing the effects of cancer and it’s treatment, together with their family. In particular by the provision of positive individual and/or family experiences.

Based on one family’s personal experience of cancer, Something To Look Forward To was founded in 2015 by Fiona Coldron and her husband Andy. Following Fiona’s breast cancer diagnosis when small treats such as a meal out, a stay in a hotel and a day out with the family was something that gave them both…something to look forward to; helping to cope with the relentless slog of hospital visits, treatment, and the emotional and physical demands of the illness.

Fiona’s drive to help other people in a similar situation saw the charity go from strength to strength from providing a local, regional, and now national service helping those affected by cancer and their families at a time it’s needed most. This desire to support has also been fuelled to help those affected financially by cancer, where work has been disrupted because of their illness and where they are unable to help ease the pain of the cancer journey. This is known as ‘cancer poverty’.

Fiona sadly passed away in February 2021 and her daughter Francesca now spearheads the charity continuing her mother’s legacy.

After initially starting in a bedroom the charity continues its family value ethos but has now has its own office in Cambridge, with a team of five made up of Andy – Co-Founder; Francesca – Managing Director; Emily – Fundraising Manager; Molly – Projects Co-ordinator; Holly – Relationship Executive and Wilf (and friends) the office dogs! 

Something To Look Forward To provides a comprehensive website where people affected by cancer and their families can access a variety of free gifts generously donated by businesses and individuals. These include free breaks in holiday cottages, restaurant meals, family days out, hotel stays, theatre tickets, beauty products, essentials, and treats- the list continues to grow!

“By accessing our service and benefiting from a gift or experience, those affected by cancer can focus on rest, recuperation, wellbeing, and positive memory building. We focus on researching, identifying, and building lasting relationships with individuals and companies, then by distributing the gift or experience by matching them to those most in need. Our service is open to anyone from the point of diagnosis up to one year after active treatment or to those with a secondary or terminal diagnosis. 

Although cancer is a physical disease, like most illnesses it affects people in so many ways. A sense of wellbeing enables people affected by cancer during and after treatment to lead as normal and active life as possible and it is an integral part of the cancer pathway. It is essential that wellbeing support is available to families and carers also.”

The support by Something To Look Forward To has shown an average increase of wellbeing of 126%.

We look forward to supporting as many people as possible in giving them something to look forward to. For more information, please visit

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