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Appy New Year: the apps that can help you with your cancer diagnosis


Appy New Year: the apps that can help you with your cancer diagnosis


A cancer diagnosis can be overwhelming and exhausting.  Managing appointments, symptoms, side effects, emotions and everything else that comes with the cancer-patient territory, can feel like a full time job.  But, just as for everything else in our lives, there are apps out there that can help take the strain.

A quick search in the app store on your device will bring back a bewildering number of results in the health and wellbeing space, but we recommend selecting ones that have had some level of vetting against basic security and performance standards, such as the ones checked and listed in the NHS Apps Library.

As we come across helpful apps that offer support for cancer patients, we list them on Cancer Care Map and there’s a ‘Mobile App’ option in the Service Type dropdown menu if you want to search for them specifically.  

Careology is one such app, designed to help people feel more in control.  It acts as an all-round management tool to help patients deal with their cancer experience, from keeping track of appointments dates and medication, to monitoring mood and symptoms and sharing status updates.

For patients needing help with something specific, like cancer-related fatigue, there’s the Untire app, the main focus of which is to help the user find ways to combat fatigue by finding ways to increase their energy. The app also includes advice on subjects like exercise and anxiety, as well as information on how to better improve sleep, nutrition and self-care.

Apps have also been developed by the charities targeting specific kinds of cancer, and here breast cancer is well served.  The Breast Cancer Now app,  Becca, provides support and inspiration to help patients live well after breast cancer, through a range of tips, information and real life stories; and access to an online community and a team of specialists.  Whereas OWise is another care and treatment management tool, with information specifically targeted at breast cancer patients.

Of course the app doesn’t need to be specifically designed for cancer patients to be of benefit.  For example, apps focusing on meditation techniques, insomnia, mental health management or nutrition can be great ways for people for everyone to manage their wellbeing.  To find the support that’s right for you, the NHS App Library of reviewed apps is a good place to start as it includes all kinds of different health and wellbeing related categories.

And as ever, we’d love to hear from you about any great cancer care services or apps you’ve discovered, so please get in touch if you know of a service you think we should list on the map.

With best wishes for 2020.

The Cancer Care Map Team.


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