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Cancer Care Map: The story so far


Cancer Care Map: The story so far


Since launching www.cancercaremap.org on 4th February we have been really pleased by the positive response from organisations all across the UK who are keen to be on the map.

The idea behind www.cancercaremap.org is simple. By 2020, one in two people in the UK will have had cancer in their lifetime. As treatments improve, many more people can now live with and beyond cancer. But it remains difficult for patients, friends and family, carers and clinicians to find out about local organisations that can support the health and well-being of those living with cancer during and beyond treatment.

www.cancercaremap.org is our response to that challenge.

We now have over 180 organisations listed on the site, ranging from well-known national organisations such as Maggie’s Centres across the country and the CLAN Cancer Support network in Scotland, to smaller regional organisations such as Sunflowers in Liverpool and the Sandville Self Help Foundation in Bridgend.

We’ve had some great feedback such as this from Something To Look Forward To in Cambridge who told us:

“Thank you for adding Something To Look Forward To to the Cancer Care Map. We hope to reach and support even more people affected by cancer as a result”.

And from people such as Francesca Abery who got in touch to say:

“A fantastic idea to get all cancer services listed in one accessible place!”.

But we know there are many more organisations out there that we don’t yet know about. So please help us to grow the map by following us on Twitter, liking our Facebook page, and helping us spread the word to other organisations anywhere in the UK: we want them on our map.

To tell us about an organisation it’s really simple. Contact us via our Feedback form and we’ll take it from there.

The map is growing day by day and we’re hoping that before the summer we will be able to do launch the site in a much bigger way so we can really start to put people in need in touch with the organisations that can help them during and beyond their cancer treatment.

We also want to hear from you if you’d like to submit a Guest Blog for this page so we can showcase your services and tell everyone about how you are helping make life better for people living with cancer. Get in touch by emailing us at cancercaremap@dimblebycancercare.org.


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