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Cancer Care Postcard: Milton Keynes


Cancer Care Postcard: Milton Keynes


Our final Cancer Care Postcard this week is from Milton Keynes, where Andy West paid a visit to three organisations offering help for different groups of people affected by cancer: Carers MK, Patient Hair Care and MK Prostate Cancer Support

Andy says: “It was so exciting the first time I saw cancercaremap.org on my screen, with an ever-growing number of services popping up all over the country. These organisations need your support as much as you might need theirs. Charities, small businesses and volunteer organisations are struggling to maintain funding and therefore don’t have huge budgets to promote what they are doing. So there couldn't be a more important and meaningful new resource for those dealing with cancer today and those who might deal with it tomorrow to help them find the help they need.

I'd like to thank everyone I met on my travels for being so fun and friendly when I paid them a visit. We’d love to hear from other organisations – you could even make your own Cancer Care Postcard and send to us.

We hope this website is going to change lives in a really positive way. Please, spread the word and let’s really put cancer care services on the map.”

To find out more about the services featured in the Cancer Care Postcards, go to our Find Services page and explore our map.

And if you’d like to tell us about a service in your area that you think we should know about, please get in touch by clicking here.


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