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16 August 2020 - by David Allen

In recent years, cancer diagnosis’ in the city of Bristol have aligned with the averages found across England and cancer research and its treatment is a growing area of strength at the University of Bristol and represents one of the key areas of focus for their faculties of Health and Life sciences. There is a wonderful range of cancer support services in the area to help those living with cancer and their friends and family.

As part of our City Spotlight, we’ve taken a look at just a handful of the amazing services in Bristol.

Please note, due to COVID-19 restrictions, the services available may be subject to change or on temporarily suspended. Contact the organisations directly to find out more.

It’s in the Bag

It’s in the Bag is run by a group of testicular cancer survivors with support from specialist NHS staff, providing hands-on support for men with testicular cancer in the South-West. Along with fundraising events such as music festivals and sporting events, they also spread awareness of the disease and promote teaching men the importance of checking themselves regularly and taking any issues straight to their GP. 

The Harbour

Based in the heart of Bristol, The Harbour provides specialist-counselling services to people who face death, dying and bereavement. Established nearly 30 years ago they annually support more than 200 people from Bristol and the South West, carrying out in the region of 2,000 counselling sessions per year. Offering individual, couple and group counselling their help you explore your situation and the impact it is having on you in a safe and professional setting.

Bristol City Council: Energise Cancer Rehabilitation Exercise Programme

Exercise can do wonders for the mind and body and spirit, and this programme is tailor made programme for people who have cancer or are recovering from cancer. Based at Easton Leisure Centre, everyone who joins gets a personalised exercise programme with a mixture of aerobic and resistance exercise and using a wide range of equipment from bikes, treadmills and rowing machines. All classes are carried out in a group with other people who’ve had cancer, so dig out those leg warmers and contact the leisure centre for details.

Cancer Support Services in Bristol

Children’s Hospice South West – Charlton Farm

Children’s Hospice South West exists to make the most of short and precious lives and puts children and families at the centre of all it does. At Charlton Farm, not only do they provide specialist palliative care, respite for the whole family, and a sibling service for brothers and sisters, but they also offer emergency support, end of life care and a bereavement services for as long as is needed.  They hope to provide a haven, a place where children and their families can be nurtured and cosseted, returning home with renewed vigour and a sense of anticipation for the next visit. 

Your Cancer Café

There doesn’t seem to be much that can’t be helped be a good old British cuppa. Your Cancer Café is a welcoming place to meet others in a similar situation and to chat and support each other over tea, coffee and cake. This safe and friendly environment offers not only refreshments, but also art and craft activities and a complimentary therapy to anyone affected by cancer and there is no cost to attend.

Natter Group for Neuroendocrine Cancer – South West, Bristol & Bath

For any one in the Bristol area that as been affected Neuroendocrine cancer, the Natter Group is a meeting run by either a nurse specialist or other people living with disease – allowing patients to share their stories and offer support to people going through a similar journey. All groups offer refreshments and are free to attend.

If you have used or know of any cancer support services in Bristol or beyond, visit our website to add a service to our Cancer Care Map.

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