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Cancer Support Services in Plymouth | Your Cancer Services

20 July 2022 - by David Allen

Based in Devon, the port city of Plymouth has been established for nearly 100 years and can trace its history back to the Bronze Age.

Our latest City Spotlight takes a look at cancer support services in Plymouth.

Please note, due to COVID-19 restrictions, the services available may be subject to change or temporarily suspended. Contact the organisations directly to find out more.

Brain Tumour Support

Originally based at Plymouth Central Library, this group now meets online and is for anyone affected by a brain tumour. It provides a friendly and informal environment to discuss and share experiences from living with, or being affected by, brain cancer. They also provide one-to-one and group support, as well as online and telephone support, and specialist counselling. 

The Mustard Tree Cancer Support Centre

Based at Derriford Hospital, Plymouth, the NHS trust provides a support service to people living with cancer. They offer counselling, wig services, benefits advice, support groups, a drop-in service and complementary therapy sessions via telephone or video link, including breathing exercises, gentle movement and mindfulness techniques.

The Chestnut Appeal for Men’s Health

A local group located at Derriford Hospital, Plymouth that offers help and support for people affected by prostate cancer and aims to increase awareness as well. This patient led support group provides speakers, information, friendship and a space that can enables its members to get together and share experiences. 

St Luke’s Hospice Plymouth

St Luke’s Hospice Plymouth is an independent charity providing specialist advice and support to people with progressive life-limiting illnesses in Plymouth, South West Devon and East Cornwall. The hospice provides specialist end of life care and support to people with progressive life-limiting illnesses. Services offered include emotional, spiritual and social support and complementary therapy for any adult over the age of 18. 

If you have used or know of any cancer support services in Plymouth or beyond, visit our website to add a service to our Cancer Care Map.

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