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Falkland Lodge Community Celebration Concert 2022 | A Thank You

01 August 2022 - by Cancer Care Map

Last month, we were honoured to be supported by the inaugural Studio Falkland Lodge Community Celebration Concert which took place on Sunday 10th July in the gardens of Falkland Lodge in South London.

Studio Falkland Lodge is the rehearsal space for our long-term charity ambassador, Frazer Scott, and his vocal studio, where he teaches people of all ages. It is also the home to Choir On The Hill, Studio Falkland Lodge’s first community music project – a community choir for women where Frazer also serves as Rehearsal Director.

This wonderful event was of course full of wonderful music from Frazer and the Choir On The Hill and raised just over £850 through online donations during and after the concert and also cash donations for refreshments. The Choir On The Hill bakers even got busy making cakes for the event whilst Frazer organised drinks.

We are delighted to hear the event was such a success and we are so grateful for the support from all those involved in the organisation of the concert as well as to all those who attended and donated.

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