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Guest blog: Derby County Community Trust


Guest blog: Derby County Community Trust


Jack Bell from the Derby County Community Trust updates us on the first 12 months of the Wellbeing For All project.

A key factor of our funded programme was outlined to work with BAME and lower socio-economic groups in Derby, we identified to ensure this relationship was to be effective, meeting and working with key community partners would lead to possible engagement.

To date we have worked with twenty-seven partners. We have also delivered 3 community events: 

  • Indian Community Centre 
  • Pakistani women Community Centre 
  • Hadhari Centre (African Caribbean males)

During these events, we have raised awareness around cancer signs and symptoms to 154 people. 

We have engaged 3 GP surgeries in the Normanton area (an area of the city with high deprivation indices and higher than average BAME communities) and delivered 4 health and well-being events. Each of the events where tailored to the individual surgeries, following consultation with both the GP’s and the patients. To date we have delivered sessions around cancer signs and symptom, healthy eating, weight management and cancer screening for women to 80 patients.  

We have also engaged with Albatross taxi’s, one of the largest taxi firms in the city, with over 400 Asian, male taxi drivers. We have delivered six-weeks of health and well-being sessions at their office, which includes advice and guidance around weight management, health eating and physical activity. In each of these sessions we have also encouraged the men to recognise the signs and symptoms of cancer. As part of this partnership, Albatross send daily text messages to all their drivers around the project and have agreed to send text messages out to all their customers following their journey in the taxi about the programme. There are currently 75 taxi drivers actively taking part in the programme. We have now confirmed with Albatross that all cancer participants receive a discounted rate for their journey. 

We continue to work closely with Derby Royal Hospital around referrals to the programme. We have excellent links with all CNS’s and some consultants. Over the next 12 months we will endeavour to build relationships with all consultants. The Prostate Consultant now provides information to all patients upon their first appointment and has also delivered talks at 2 events.

We have been supported by DCFC players and devised several short video clips, which have been shown at events and via DCCT and DCFC social media channels.

Macmillan Well-Being for All Event Launch:

Prostate Cancer Event:

Active Recovery Client Case Studies:


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