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Guest Blog: No More Grapes


Guest Blog: No More Grapes


My friend or loved one has Cancer, how can I help?

This was a common question asked by Nicky Read’s best mates, who were desperate to help her when she was diagnosed with Cancer.

“Just to be there to offer some words of support, to lift her spirits by sharing stories of everyday life, tell her they loved her and keep on being a good friend,” No More Grapes’ site founder Richard Boardman said.

Knowing how to help a friend or loved one when they have been diagnosed with Cancer can be difficult, however the digital tools we have at our fingertips can help bring us together in times of need.

Nicky and her friends began the conversation about how those going through serious illness can be better supported through a digital platform, which could bring everyone together in one place to communicate, coordinate and provide some practical support that would make a real difference.

That’s when the idea of No More Grapes came to life, a site created in loving memory of Nicky from all her friends and family, and a platform of support for those living with serious illness and their loved ones.

“There were tears, there was laughter, there were good and bad times, but we all rallied in support, to help Nicky through,” Richard said.

“Sometimes, it’s the simplest things that mean the most. Little things like sharing a photo of kids up to all sorts, a funny or relevant article in the press, sharing a recipe or making a cake. Or, sending a ready-made meal voucher for those times when the person who is ill is too tired to cook,” said Richard.

No More Grapes is a free, private and secure platform for people who are seriously ill to create a community of support online, where they can post regular updates, diarise their treatment plan so friends and family can offer help. There’s even a Shop where friends and family can send purposeful gifts such as an ironing or house clean voucher.  

The site’s purpose is to help those going through illness get the support and help they need, at a time when those everyday simple things can prove so challenging, and when a kind word of support can make the world of difference.

Create your Circle of support by visiting www.nomoregrapes.org


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