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Guest blog: Reactiv8 Therapy


Guest blog: Reactiv8 Therapy


Hello! Thank you for taking the time to read my blog. My name is Hannah Poulton and along with my business partner Rebecca Ayres, we make up Reactiv8 Therapy. We are based in the village of Narborough in Leicester and we are Leading Scar Tissue Therapists.

A lot of people ask us how we came to be in such a profession. The answer is simple! We love helping people from all walks of life and backgrounds with their scars. But for us, the service and treatments we provide go much deeper than just the scars. When an individual comes to us, we take time to listen and treat the person as a whole. Everyone has a story to tell and the scar is just part of that story.

It is a humbling and honouring experience to be able to share in someone’s cancer journey and this is why we love doing what we do. Our treatments are non-invasive and gentle scar tissue release. We can help with a variety of symptoms such as, pain, tight scars, decreased range of movement, itching and raised scars. We provide a safe space to talk and listen, advice on scar treatments, products and after care of the scar. We also provide other therapies such as acupuncture, to help with some associated symptoms that the person may present with, (such as hot sweats, nausea and numbness in hands and/or feet). After chatting with clients, it is clear to hear that a lot of decisions are made for and about the individual, during their cancer treatment, but sometimes with little or no consultation. We believe that when a person comes to Reactiv8 Therapy, we put them in full control of their treatment plan and work in conjunction with the individual regarding their treatment. We believe this leads the way for the best outcome for the individual. Rebecca and myself have a background of Clinical Sports Massage, Physiotherapy (specialising in Oncology and Palliative Care) and Acupuncture. Using a combination of these skills, and Scar Therapy skills, it ensures that each and every individual who comes to us receives a gold standard of care, and the most up to date and tailored treatment for their needs.

We were recently invited and attended the Cancer Health and Well-Being event in September in Leicester (see picture attached). Here we were able to meet individuals who had been through cancer treatment and listen to them share their stories. It was amazing to be a part of the day, as it was clear to see how dedicated both individuals and organisations are in helping people in their cancer journey. We were able to share scar care and advice with people, demonstrate our products which help with scar healing and promote the gentle non-invasive treatments we provide. It was met with great interest and we look forward to the next event in 2020.

If you are reading this and have any questions regarding your scars, or want to chat to us about the different treatments we provide, that maybe beneficial to you, please feel free to call or email us. You can find all our details here


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