HLP Therapy Awarded Macmillan Support Grant Focusing on Scar Therapy Post Mastectomy | Guest Post

16 August 2021 - by HLP Therapy

HLP Therapy are proud to share with you, that we have been awarded a Macmillan Support Grant, focusing on Scar Therapy post mastectomy. 

The Macmillan support grant will help 27 individuals, who have undergone a single or double mastectomy, each receive three fully funded Scar Therapy treatment sessions. Each treatment session will focus on:

 How the scar impacts the individual

 The physical and emotional restrictions the scarring is causing

 Treat the scar itself: by working with gentle hands on Scar Therapy massage, coupled with advising on silicone products, gels or creams to improve the function and feeling of the scar

 Provide an aftercare programme, which the individual can continue at home

 Provide education and ongoing support to maximise scar outcomes

Education is paramount; so a private Facebook group, will be specifically set up, for individuals receiving this bespoke treatment. Here they will be able to ask more questions regarding scar management, gain support from fellow individuals and practical advice from Leading Scar Specialist Hannah Poulton. Being part of this private Facebook group is optional. However, the additional education and support is there for individuals, should they require it.

 What is Scar Therapy?

Scar Therapy is a holistic and individualised treatment, focusing on improving scar outcomes. This gentle, hands on treatment, aims to enhance scar recovery by working near, on and over the scar. Surgery or direct trauma will result in scar tissue in the body. The scar can feel tight, red, raised, puckered, sensitive and of course there is the emotional attachment with the scar itself.  Scar Therapy can help soften and reduce adhesions and scar tissue build up, thus allowing more movement and freedom from scar restrictions. We also acknowledge the emotional connections with the scar and listen and support as able. 


Hannah Poulton has over 20 years working within Physiotherapy. Her passion for her profession has never changed, and now more than ever is aware of the importance of delivering holistic and gold standard care. As part of the last two decades in health, Hannah spent 8 years working at LOROS Hospice, as Clinical Lead for Physiotherapy. This not only cemented her passion for working within cancer care, but also working within Women’s Health. Hannah left the public sector to set up HLP Therapy clinics. These are based in Narborough, Leicester and offer: Scar Therapy, Physiotherapy, Acupuncture, and Mummy MOT assessments (postnatal assessment and treatments). 

Dedicated Scar Therapy Clinics using the Macmillan Support Grant, are opening September 2021.

If you can answer “Yes” to the following questions and want to find out more information, please contact Hannah Poulton on:

Tel: 07810 373 181

Email: info@hlp-therapy.co.uk

Criteria for fully funded Scar Therapy treatments:

  1. Have you had a single or double mastectomy?
  2. Are you between the ages of 18 – 80 years?
  3. Are you between 6 months and 10 years post-surgery?
  4. Have you had your post-operative check?
  5. Not had previous scar therapy treatment for your surgical scars?
  6. Are you wanting to participate in Scar Therapy treatment?
  7. Are you able to travel to HLP Therapy Clinics Narborough, Leicester?
  8. Are you able to climb a set of stairs (our clinics are on the first floor)?

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