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Support for Thyroid Cancer in the UK | Thyroid Cancer Awareness

29 September 2022 - by David Allen

There are around 3,900 new cases of thyroid cancer in the UK every year. It’s most common in people in their 30s and those over the age of 60 and is has one of the most successful rates of treatment.

We take a look at the cancer support services for people living with both Thyroid and Parathyroid cancer in the UK.

Thyroid UK

This charitable organisation offers information and resources to people living with diagnosed, or undiagnosed, thyroid conditions including thyroid cancer. People can get help and support through its online community, led by people with a lived experience of thyroid conditions. Support is also given through its local support groups, by email and telephone, and via its Facebook page.

British Thyroid Foundation

This national organisation provides information and support to people with thyroid and endocrine issues. It has a network of local support groups and a telephone helpline. The groups hold regular meetings and usually include talks by medical professionals who help people improve their understanding of thyroid disorders and provide strategies to manage them.

Butterfly Thyroid Cancer Trust

This charity supports people living with thyroid cancer by putting them in touch with people who have been through the same treatment and surgery via their “buddy” network. It also offers information, clinical support, local support groups and a telephone helpline.

Parathyroid UK

As the only dedicated organisation for those living with parathyroid issues, this charity has support services that include a phone helpline, regional support groups and private Facebook support groups where people can talk, learn and share experiences.

To find support organisations in your area, simply visit our homepage and enter your postcode and the service you’re looking for to find local support.

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