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What's new on Cancer Care Map this week


What's new on Cancer Care Map this week


Once again, we've had some great new additions to our Cancer Care Map this week and here are just a few of the organisations you can find out about.

First of all we have the Sing With Us choir based in Aberystwyth. There are choirs based all over the place to bring people affected by cancer together. As well as being a way for people affected by cancer to find support, friendship and fun, the choirs have a physical benefit too. Tenovus research has shown that its Sing with Us choirs reduce people’s anxiety and depression.

Next we have the Specialist Health and Work Service (SHAWS) in Glasgow. Based at The Beatson West Of Scotland Cancer Centre, SHAWS supports those affected by cancer with any kind of issues relating to work, whether they wish to return to work, give up work or seek new employment. They advise on adjustments to work that help to support a successful return to work.  SHAWS is comprised of expert practitioners experienced in health & work issues, providing information to clients & employers too.

And finally there's Yeleni Therapy and Support in Hereford that offers a free personalised programme of nine sessions of complementary thereapies including massage, hypnotherapy, acupuncture, aromatherapy to help with the relief of pain, stress and anxiety. Once you have used your nine free therapy sessions, you are then entitled to further treatments in the health centre at a reduced rate.



Enter your postcode to find out what's new on our map in your area and do let us know about services you have used yourself. 


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18 March 2019   •   RobinP

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What's new on Cancer Care Map this week

15 March 2019   •   RobinP

It's been another busy week for the team at Cancer Care Map, with 567 organisations now on our map offering care, support and practical help for people living with cancer across the UK. Here are just three of the latest additions to the map.