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What's new on Cancer Care Map this week


What's new on Cancer Care Map this week


We now have over 580 organisations listed on Cancer Care Map across the UK with new ones being added every day. Here are just a few of the services we've added this week that you might not have heard of before.

First off we have MattDotCom based in Lincoln. They provide teenagers who are suffering from cancer or other long term illness with access to a laptop or other computer equipment, thereby enabling them to continue their education and maintain contact with their school so assisting them to continue to develop key life skills and help them to cope with their illness be that in hospital or at home. 


In Peterborough we have the Little Miracles Charity who support families that have children with additional needs, disabilities and life limiting conditions such as cancer. Little Miracles provides families access to advice, support and care they deserve. The charity can assist families by helping them with low cost holidays, bereavement and counselling support, befriending scheme, workshops and courses.

And in South Shields we have Cancer Connections who provide information about cancer, specialist cancer counselling, complementary therapies, family support, welfare benefits advice, and bereavment support. 

If there's a local organisation in your area or a national resource like a helpline or a website that has really helped you we'd love to hear about them so we can help other people find the help they need. You can contact us here.


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