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What's new on Cancer Care Map this week: Paul's Cancer Centre


What's new on Cancer Care Map this week: Paul's Cancer Centre


We now have over 975 organisations on Cancer Care Map offering care and support to people living with cancer - including friends, family and carers - across the UK. We are adding new services each week and would love to hear about what's going on in your area.

There are some great new movement and yoga workshops on offer at Paul's Cancer Support Centre in Wandsworth in South London that you can find out about.

Paul's Cancer Support Centre offers a whole range of information, advice, support and group activities. And you can now sign up for a series of Move Dance Feel sessions for women that begin later this month. The dance sessions are fun social and centred around creative expression - and they are completely free. Click through to the link to find out more.

And also starting later this month is a Yoga For Men session. The classes are for men living with cancer where you will be taught gentle movement and breathing practices to balance energies. The sessions are led by Sarah Buckland an experienced yoga therapist and teacher.

To find out more click on the links above, or click here to see what else is on offer at Paul's Cancer Support Centre.


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