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Read the blog posts below from organisations listed on the site to find out more about them as well as cancer care related articles in the news. If you would like to write a piece for inclusion, please contact us at
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"The Importance of Primary Care in Cancer Diagnosis" | Guest Blog

16 October 2020   •   by David A

A cancer diagnosis can be life changing.  Our friends at share their thoughts and advice below about the importance of primary care in early diagnosis and some of the signs to look out for in the most common forms of cancer. At this current time, if you have any concerns about yourself or your loved ones, the best thing is to always book an appointment with your GP.

"Cancer was responsible for almost 10 million deaths in 2018. However, despite the gravity of these statistics, patients are still not being diagnosed as quickly as they should be. This in turn results in a delay in commencing suitable treatment....

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"5 Minutes with Macmillan Cancer Psychological Support" | Your Cancer Services

10 October 2020   •   by David A

Looking after our mental health is more important than ever, and your mental wellbeing during cancer care is paramount. For this year's #WorldMentalHealthDay, the celebrated theme is "Mental Health for All".

We spoke to the team at the Macmillan Cancer Psychological Support (CaPS) based at St George’s Hospital in London about the services they offer those living with cancer for their mental health.

Tell us about your organisation?

Our Macmillan Cancer Psychological Support (CaPS) Service based at St George’s University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust launched back in 2016, initially as a pilot funded by Macmillan...

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"5 Minutes with Nicola Jane" | Your Cancer Services

"5 Minutes with Nicola Jane" | Your Cancer Services

07 October 2020   •   by David A

Nicola Jane is one of the UK’s leading mastectomy and post-surgery bra and swimwear retailers. Founded in 1984, Nicola Jane started to help ladies that have had any type of breast surgery and underwent breast cancer treatment, find gorgeous bras and lingerie that make them feel confident and feminine again. Their selection of products has since expanded to include pocketed swimwear, different types of breast forms as well as a range of accessories and clothing. 

What services do you offer people living with cancer?

We offer a wide selection of post-surgery bras, swimwear and breast forms. All our styles are designed to fit with great comfort and support following any type of...

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