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Read the blog posts below from organisations listed on the site to find out more about them as well as cancer care related articles in the news. If you would like to write a piece for inclusion, please contact us at cancercaremap@dimblebycancercare.org
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Guest Blog: Leah Dalby talks Physiotherapy

02 March 2018   •   by RobinP

We often hear stories of people being turned away from spas and beauty treatment centres because they have (or have had) cancer. This can be extremely upsetting for those involved. There is a lot of fear and misinformation about things like massage or physiotherapy for people with cancer, but the benefits of such complementary therapies in the relief of pain, anxiety and many of the side effects of cancer treatment are now well recognised.  Within the NHS there are many services on offer, but waiting lists can be long, and what happens after your treatment?

All over the UK there are organisations who are fully trained in treating those who are undergoing or recovering from treatment or looking to continue therapies once the services offered by the NHS have finished.

One such organisation is...

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Guest Blog: Noel Baxter gives us a GP's perspective on cancer care

23 February 2018   •   by RobinP

Local GP Noel Baxter got involved in the early stages of development of www.cancercaremap.org and helped us consider the needs of the directory to help doctors signpost cancer care and support services to their patients. Here he gives us a unique insight into how he sees the resource can really make a difference.


“I have worked in south-east London as a GP since 2002, and for the last eight years have also been involved in service re-development and health...

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Guest Blog: Chris Lewis talks communication

12 February 2018   •   by RobinP

Keeping talk cheap: meet Chris Lewis, campaigner, advocate, and the man giving free mobile phones to cancer patients.

"More often than not, the simplest ideas are the best. I have wondered why no one had yet created a directory of non-clinical cancer services. People with cancer, and those that love them, need help to find specialist non-clinical cancer support near to where they live, available in a format they can investigate online, in our own time, in their own home. Now, finally, there is. I'm grateful to my friends at Dimbleby Cancer Care for launching www.cancercaremap.org.

I have skin in the game. For the last ten years I have lived with stage 4 Mantle Cell Lymphoma, an incurable blood cancer. With some very complex treatment, including a stem-cell transplant, and thanks to my incredible clinical team, I am -...

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