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Bodyworks Physiotherapy Clinic
Bodyworks Physiotherapy Clinic
Name: Katrina Wade
Tel. number: 01206 844410
The Bodyworks Physiotherapy, Clinic2 The Atrium Phoenix Square, Wyncolls Road
Colchester , Essex CO4 9AS

What   Bodyworks Physiotherapy Clinic offers its services to both women and men in Colchester and the surrounding areas. Bodyworks Physiotherapy work with local Breast Surgeons and Breast Care nurses and treat women and men post breast surgery. The service teaches scar massage and simple lymphatic drainage. The treatments include myofascial release, release of cording, mobilisation exercises for the shoulder and work on scars. Bodyworks Physiotherapy Clinic can offer advice over the phone if needed.

Where   Body Works Physiotherapy, Phoenix Square, Wyncolls Road.

Who   Any post op breast surgery patients. Any other post cancer patients who may need advice regarding exercises and scar massage. People can self-refer, or refer through GP unless they are using their medical insurance, in which they will need to go through the channel their insurance dictates. Please check with the service for full eligibility criteria.



Last updated 08/01/2020