Dimbleby Cancer Care - making life better for people living with cancer.

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LinkAge Network
Macmillan Prevention and Re-enablement Project
Project Manager Sally Crocker
Tel. number: 01173533042
The Park Centre
Daventry Road Knowle
Bristol BS4 1DQ

What  The Macmillan Prevention and Re-enablement Project focuses on aiding the recovery of cancer patients and improving their wellbeing by providing them with psychological, social and physical support. The organisation offers a range of activities and events including art, dance, film club, French, Qi Gong, new age kurling, singing, skittles, Tai Chi, walking, rugby, Yoga and Zumba Gold. Cancer patients are able to find out information from local services, to hear from speakers, enjoy a healthy free lunch and meet new people. For full details about the support services and activities offered, please visit the website or call the number provided.

Where  LinkAge Network is located on Daventry Road.

Who  LinkAge and Macmillan Cancer Support Services are offered to people aged 55+ living with and beyond cancer. For full eligibility criteria, please check with the service.