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What  Marie Curie is a national charity that support people with terminal illnesses and offer emotional and practical advice to family and carers what ever your sitiuation. Services offered include benefits and financial advice, care at home by a Marie Curie Nurse, access to 9 Hospices around the country. The Charity support people who are caring for a terminally ill person and have also give gathered a range of resources to help you cope emotionally as well as handle the practical side of losing someone close to you.

Available for friends and family

What  Specialist Nurse Helpline has been set up to aid you if you have concerns or queries regarding your diagnosis, medical questions, or if you are generally confused about what treatment to choose. The Helpline has Specialist Nurses on the end of the phone that will be happy to try and help you.

Where The helpline is available Monday to Friday 9am-6pm and Wednesday 10am-8pm

Who  The helpline offers help to anyone affected by Prostate cancer. 

Available for friends and family

What   Brain Tumour Support Members Forum is a closed group on Facebook which provides peer to peer support through its members. - and membership is monitored by admins so it remains a safe place for you to ask questions, tell your story, receive or give advice. Go to the group through this link - https://en-gb.facebook.com/braintumoursupport/

Where   Online Facebook.

What Roy Castle Foundation provide information and support to lung cancer patients, bereavement support and advice, support groups, information days and support to quit smoking.  Please call the helpline on 0800 358 7200 if you have any questions about lung cancer.

Where  To find your local support group or information day please call or visit the website.

Who Support services are available to anyone who has lung cancer and anybody who requires information about Lung cancer.

What  Fight Bladder Cancer is a UK-based bladder cancer charity founded and run by bladder cancer survivors and their families.  The charity supports everyone affected by bladder cancer, raises awareness, supports medical research, and campaigns to improve policy. They offer online information and advice, an online forum, a Bladder Buddy service, and support groups.  Their aim is to achieve better outcomes and quality of life for all those affected by bladder cancer.

What Ovacome is an ovarian cancer charity founded in 1996 by women with ovarian cancer themselves and are therefore  sensitive to the needs of women facing this diagnosis. Ovacome exists to support women and their family by providing dedicated help and information, expert guidance, personalised clinical and research information, emotional support and resources. Their website has a number of different resources including its own searchable 'support map' to help you find help and support in your area.

What   The Moving Forward Course is designed to help people to adjust to life after hospital-based treatment. Information and support, encouraging self-management of ongoing physical and emotional issues is provided in sessions over three or four weeks. For more information please visit the website on the link above.

Where   It is provided in partnership with NHS trusts and health boards across the UK.

What   Monthly group meet-ups offering information and support in a relaxed environment, facilitated by a counsellor. Sessions alternate between shorter sessions which provide the chance to meet and talk openly with other people with the same diagnosis, and longer sessions where an expert guest speaker will attend.

What  RMPartners work collaboratively across the integrated cancer system to deliver safe and effective care, improve cancer clinical outcomes and enhance patients' and carers' experience and quality of care. Our integrated cancer system is clinically-led, with responsibility for delivering specified care pathways for different tumour sites and for delivering safe and effective care for the populations we serve.

What   Younger Women Together hold events that provide information and support women aged up to 45 who have been diagnosed with primary breast cancer. The event is held frequently thoughout the year where women from different back grounds can come together to connect and discuss they personal journeys. Sessions cover subjects such as family, fertility, career and sexuality. To see if this event is right for you, please call 0345 077 1893.