Making life better for people living with cancer.

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What   The service provides convinience for disabled, special needs and older people when commuting in public transport.


Where  The service is provided nationwide.


Who  For elderly, older people, disabled and special needs who require assistance travelling with public transports. 


What   Untire is an app that gives cancer patients and survivors the tools to reduce fatigue. People who suffer from cancer-related fatigue (CRF) are often mentally and physically exhausted. Untire provides tools to reduce cancer fatigue and help people get back to living life.

What   Brain Tumour Support Members Forum is a closed group on Facebook which provides peer to peer support through its members. - and membership is monitored by admins so it remains a safe place for you to ask questions, tell your story, receive or give advice. Go to the group through this link -

Where   Online Facebook.

What Ovacome is an ovarian cancer charity founded in 1996 by women with ovarian cancer themselves and are therefore  sensitive to the needs of women facing this diagnosis. Ovacome exists to support women and their family by providing dedicated help and information, expert guidance, personalised clinical and research information, emotional support and resources. Their website has a number of different resources including its own searchable 'support map' to help you find help and support in your area.

What   Hope Support Services is available to anybody aged 11-25 when a close family member is diagnosed with a life-threatening illness – such as cancer.

Where  Available nationally, please see the website for details.

Who   Young people aged 11 and over through a family health crisis.

Available for friends and family

What   Bereavement Support Network is a centralised support serice for bereaved people age 3 to 103. Bereavement Support Network offers support, counselling, home visits, and telephone support. 

Where   Borough of Bromley.

Who   For all those require support, help and advice on legal or probate matters when dealing with the deceased’s estate and personal matters. Please check with Bereavement Support Network for full eligibilty criteria.

What  Ellie’s Friends is a service run by Maggie's centres. The service is dedicated to improving the lives people with cancer all around the UK by sharing gifts from caring businesses and individuals, to offset some of the financial and psychological impact of a cancer diagnosis.  The aim is to reinstate ‘treats’ and give registered users a bit of a lift at a difficult time.

What   Susan Findlay runs an Oncology Massage Workshop, which gives massage therapists an accredited qualification in this area, and thereby allows them to be able to treat those who have been or are currently affected by cancer. The organisation has compiled a list of Certified Oncology Massage Therapists that have successfully completed an accredited course that has been approved by a number of Professional Associations governing the industry.

What  RMPartners work collaboratively across the integrated cancer system to deliver safe and effective care, improve cancer clinical outcomes and enhance patients' and carers' experience and quality of care. Our integrated cancer system is clinically-led, with responsibility for delivering specified care pathways for different tumour sites and for delivering safe and effective care for the populations we serve.

What   Drain Dollies designs and sells bag to hold post surgical drains and works hard in raising awareness of the BRCA mutation and offers support and guidance to others affected.

Where  This is an online shop, selling post surgical drain bags.

Who  For patients nationwide. Please check the website for more details.