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What  Keeping Abreast provides information, support, practical help, and advice for those consideringor going through breast reconstruction, including the opportunity to share the experiences of others. Visit their website to find a support group or event near you.

Where Support groups located all around the UK.

Who Breast cancer Patients.

What    Bladder Action UK Cancer section has information about bladder cancer and treatment Find information about bladder cancer, treatments, surgery and patient choice. The Website also list a whole range of bladder support groups that you can find in your area or support you to set up your own group if there is a need.

Where   Online.

Who   Anyone who has bladder cancer or would like find more information regarding bladder cancer. to find a support group in their local area

What  Devon Carers provides information, assessment and support for carers living in the Devon County Council area or caring for someone living in the Devon County Council area. Devon Carers have staff based all across Devon and is run by six organisations working together to improve the quality of services for carers in Devon, whatever your age, whoever you care for.

What   Ryan Riley establised Life Kitchen a charity initiative where he offers free cooking classes for people living with cancer, and those caring for them Up to 80% of chemotherapy patients experience a change to their taste buds or a total loss of taste – which can be particularly upsetting when food is something you usually look forward to. The course offers a relaxed, friendly cookery classes tailored particularly to the needs of people who have received chemotherapy.

What  Childhealth Helpline helpline offers support to anyone affected by the death of a child of any age, under any circumstances, however recent or long ago. Your call will be answered by a trained volunteer who has also lost a child and understands the feelings that surround the death of a child. Child Death helpline offer a confidential, safe environment where you can talk openly about your child’s life and death.  The Child Death provide support not only at times of crisis but also for the on-going needs over your lifetime. 

What   If you’re undergoing treatment for cancer, a chance to sit down to and from appointments can make a huge difference. Founder, James McNaught took inspiration from TFL’s Baby On Board badges, whilst he was undergoing treatments. So the Cancer On Board badge was born and its focus is the immediate need of making journeys to and from treatment a little more bearable.

Where   Badges can be applied for online.

What   The Manchester -Living well with bowel cancer event  is a free day open to anyone affected by the disease, including patients, family and friends. This event includes presentations, a buffet lunch and time to chat with healthcare professionals, other patients and families. To register visit www.bowelcanceruk.org.uk/how-we-can-help/living-well-event-days/


What Sarcoma UK offer a range of support for anyone diagnosed with or concerned about sarcoma. Call or email our confidential support line you can start right now by downloading or ordering their patient guidlines. Sarcoma UK put you in touch with local support groups and online support groups.

Where National Helpline. Support Groups on different locations. Please call to find a group near you.

Who Anyone who is affected by Sarcoma or Soft tissue and bone cancer 

What  The Breast Cancer Art Project’s mission is to provide a platform for those affected by breast cancer to express their experiences of cancer through art. The act of creating is in itself therapeutic, and provides a place for those affected by breast cancer to share their artwork so that they feel heard, understood and part of a community. It can also help family and friends of those with cancer to understand some of what their loved ones have gone through, and help medical professionals to better understand their patient