Making life better for people living with cancer.

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What    Pancreatic Cancer UK's free and confidential Support Line is a lifeline for thousands of people affected by pancreatic cancer. The support line provides access to specialist nurses who understand the issues you might be facing and offer expert help and advice to support you in coping with the disease. The charity also runs free Living with Pancreatic Cancer Support Days where patients can find out more about how to manage their symptoms.

What   The BRA Foundation offers help and advice around reconstructive options for breast cancer patients following surgery. The Foundation helps patients to make informed descisons about treatment and surgery, giving information about different breast procedures.

Where   This is an online service, please visit the website

Who   Anyone with a breast cancer diagnosis , please see website for full eligibility criteria.

What   Drain Dollies designs and sells bag to hold post surgical drains and works hard in raising awareness of the BRCA mutation and offers support and guidance to others affected.

Where  This is an online shop, selling post surgical drain bags.

Who  For patients nationwide. Please check the website for more details. 


What  National charity providing support and information to those affected by neuroendocrine cancer.  Services include online advice and information, a specialist nurse helpline, and a telephone counselling service.  Please see the website for more details.

Where  National

Who  People affected by neuroendocrine cancer, their families and carers

Available for friends and family

What   The Moving Forward Course is designed to help people to adjust to life after hospital-based treatment. Information and support, encouraging self-management of ongoing physical and emotional issues is provided in sessions over three or four weeks. For more information please visit the website on the link above.

Where   It is provided in partnership with NHS trusts and health boards across the UK.

What Firm Roots Cancer Support Firm Roots started as a Bristol based, Christian organisation which offers prayer and spiritual support to cancer sufferers and their care-givers. Firm Roots mission is to walk alongside people whose lives have been affected by cancer, and to support them with God’s love. Firm Roots Cancer Support  offer prayer groups and retreats as a time to reflect, pray and be encouraged. Firm Roots aim to work with local churches to offer prayer and practical support for cancer sufferers. 

What    Walking for Health is a programme to improve your health aimed at people living with or beyond cancer, including friends, families, carers and healthcare professionals. Walking for Health is also great for your social life, and physical health. For more information please visit website or email on the address above.

Where  Different places around Guildford daily.  

Available for friends and family

What   Prostate cancer run a fortnightly group for gay and bisexual men, or men who have sex with other men, who want to share experiences and find support. The group chat happens every 1st and 3rd Wednesday of each month from 7-8pm

Where  Online

Who   Men who are bisexual or gay.

What   Monthly group meet-ups offering information and support in a relaxed environment, facilitated by a counsellor. Sessions alternate between shorter sessions which provide the chance to meet and talk openly with other people with the same diagnosis, and longer sessions where an expert guest speaker will attend.

What   Support network offering peer support to young adults in their 20s, 30s and 40s with a range of social events and activities, such pub lunches and nights out, beach walks, multi-day getaways, workshops.  A private online Facebood group, advice podcasts and a blog series are also available to provide advice and support.  Please see the website to find your nearest Shine network.

Where   Shine networks available across the country