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What   The aim of the Chronic Myeloid Leukaemia (CML) Stevenage Support Group is to provide support and a place to meet others going through the same journey for anyone affected by Chronic Myeloid Leukaemia (CML).  For information on meeting dates please contact the group.

Where   Stevenage

Who   Anyone affected by Chronic Myeloid Leukaemia (CML)

What   Big C Centre, Norwich provides emotional, practical and social support to all those affected by cancer. They offer a variety of cancer related information and services such as scarf tying, complementary therapies counselling family support, relaxtation group, herb and nutrition group and men's cancer group. Some of their services are by appointment only, so please visit their website to find out more.

Where   Located in Norfolk & Norwich University Hospital.

What  Lymphoma Action workshops are friendly, small and interactive. The workshops are led by someone with a personal experience of lymphoma and give you the chance to talk to others affected by lymphoma and share your experiences.Topics covered include - what is lymphoma, coping with the emotional aspects, and ways to maintain a healthy, active lifestyle. Live your Life events are free to attend and lunch is provided. for more infomation on the workshops and location please call the number provided or visit the website.

What   The East Midlands Children’s and Young Persons’ Integrated Cancer Service (EMCYPICS) is an integrated service for the investigation of children and young people (0 - 18 years) with suspected cancer and the treatment of those diagnosed with cancer. They also provide emotional and practical support for children and their families. For more information please visit the website.

Available for friends and family

What    Teesside support group offers support to anyone affected by lymphoma. Attendees can expect a mixture of speakers and discussions on lymphoma-related topics, and an opportunity to share experiences and gain mutual support.  If you are going to the group for the first time and would like to talk to someone about it or would like further information about meetings, please call the freephone helpline.  

What   Pancreatic Cancer Scotland has partnered with Cancer Support Scotland to fund support services for anyone affected by pancreatic cancer. This includes the person diagnosed, their family, friends, carers, and those who have lost a loved one. Services include complementary therapies, mindfulness courses and counselling.

What  CLAN Cancer Support Banchory offers emotional and social support to all those affected by cancer. They also offer complementary and relaxation therapies relaxation and visualisation classes.

Where  CLAN Cancer Support Banchory is centrally located within Banchory

Who  CLAN Cancer Support Banchory welcomes anyone affected by cancer. Drop in for a cup of a tea and chat or give them a call to find out more. Please check with service for full eligibility criteria.

What   The Urological Cancer Care Centre focuses on raising awareness of urological cancers and improving support and quality of life for people and families who are affected. The cancer care centre is co-located with the charity and offers inpatient clinical services and access to information and treatments.

What   The Isle of Wight Cancer Support Centre offers access to professional and confidential counselling, as well as befriending and complementary therapies. These therapies range from reflexology and reiki, to massage and aromatherapy. Services are free of charge to those living with or affected by cancer. The centre also offers a variety of information packets, yoga, seated exercise, mindfulness courses and hosts a number of support groups. 

Available for friends and family

What   Yeleni Therapy and Support is a health centre and charity offering a tailor made programme of complementary therapy treatments to people living with cancer.   Yeleni offers a free personalised programme of nine sessions from a selection of therapies - including massage, hypnotherapy, acupuncture, aromatherapy. Once you have used your nine free therapy sessions, you can have further treatments in the health centre at a reduced rate.