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Support for Mouth Cancer in the UK | Mouth Cancer Awareness

14 November 2023 - by David Allen

Mouth cancer is the 6th most common cancer in the world, but it’s actually much less common in the UK.

Over 8,000 people are diagnosed with mouth cancer each year in the UK, which accounts for around 1 in 50 cancers diagnoses.

November is Mouth Cancer Awareness month, so we’ve highlighted some of the support organisations and charities in the UK.

Mouth Cancer Foundation

This organisation promotes the relief of sickness and protection of good health for those living with or at risk of mouth cancer. They provides information, assistance, workshops and support groups, including an online weekly meeting each Monday via Zoom.

Mouth Cancer Action

Ran by the Oral Health Foundation, this campaign was set up to raise awareness and provide information about mouth cancer and to fundraise money to save lives. Their annual “The State of Mouth Cancer Report” is the UK’s only comprehensive review into mouth cancer.

Head & Neck Cancer Foundation

This organisation works to raise awareness and offers support to people living with head and neck cancers, including mouth cancer.. They strive to help minimise the impact of head and neck cancer surgery so that people can maintain a high quality of life post-treatment. Their website provides an step by step guide of how you can check your mouth for signs of cancer.

Oracle Cancer Trust

This charity supports head and neck cancer research, including cancers of the mouth, tongue, different parts of the throat. Their work supports programmes and funds research at some of the UK’s leading scientific research institutions. You’ll find support and information amongst patient stories on their website.

To find support organisations in your area, simply visit our homepage and enter your postcode and the service you’re looking for to find local support.

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