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What is Cancer Care Map?

Cancer Care Map is a simple, online resource that aims to help you find cancer support services in your local area wherever you are in the UK. Cancer Care Map is run by The Richard Dimbleby Cancer Fund charity. Use the Search above or see how it works here.

Medical Services

Medical services are at the heart of cancer care. We’ll help you navigate your treatment and find support that complements that care.

Emotional Support

If you’re affected by cancer, this may be a very difficult time for you and your loved ones. We’ll help you find someone to talk it through with.

Health and Wellbeing

If you’re living with cancer, we’ll point you to services that will help you feel as well as you possibly can – in mind as well as body.

Practical Concerns

Cancer can affect every area of life – from driving to employment or pet care. We’ll signpost you to the help you need.

Life with cancer: your stories

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07 September 2022 — Cancer Care Map

Cancer & Money Worries | Your Cancer Services

It’s been widely reported that the current cost of living crisis with spiralling energy costs threatening the country in the coming months on top of rising bills for food and other every day items is now a bigger concern for many people living with cancer than their cancer itself.

02 September 2022 — David Allen

5 Minutes with Theodora Children’s Charity | Your Cancer Services

Each year around 1,800 cases of childhood cancer are diagnosed in the UK. It is the important work of organisations like Theodora Children's Charity that make living with cancer in children easier. The charity has a simple aim - to help children living with illness, disability and serious health challenges to feel better using the proven power of laughter. We spoke to the team to find out more.

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