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What is Cancer Care Map?

Cancer Care Map is a simple, online resource that aims to help you find cancer support services in your local area wherever you are in the UK. Cancer Care Map is run by The Richard Dimbleby Cancer Fund charity. Use the Search above or watch the video below to help you get started.

Medical Services

Medical services are at the heart of cancer care. We’ll help you navigate your treatment and find support that complements that care.

Emotional Support

If you’re affected by cancer, this may be a very difficult time for you and your loved ones. We’ll help you find someone to talk it through with.

Health and Wellbeing

If you’re living with cancer, we’ll point you to services that will help you feel as well as you possibly can – in mind as well as body.

Practical Concerns

Cancer can affect every area of life – from driving to employment or pet care. We’ll signpost you to the help you need.

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22 February 2024 — Cancer Care Map

5 Minutes with Gold Geese | Your Cancer Services

There are over 1,800 new diagnoses of childhood cancer each year and charities like Gold Geese work tirelessly to help those affected. Taking their name from the colour of childhood cancer awareness (Gold) and the powerful birds that travel huge distances together whilst supporting each other (Geese), their work across South East Essex continues to help families that need it most. We spoke to the team to find out more about the work they do.

22 February 2024 — David Allen

Support for Oesophageal Cancer in the UK | Oesophageal Awareness

Oesophageal cancer account for approximately 9,300 diagnoses each year in the UK, with 40% of occurrences in people over 75. Oesophageal cancer is a cancer that starts in the food pipe and is statistically more common in men than women. As February is Oesophageal Cancer Awareness Month, we're shining a light on at some of the support organisations available in the UK, for those living with or affected by Oesophageal Cancer.

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