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Emotional Support

Be kind to yourself  If you, or someone you’re close to, has cancer, it’s likely to affect your emotional wellbeing. Fear, anxiety, anger, despair, grief or worry are all normal. They can arise at different stages of the illness, or even long after treatment has finished.

Talk your feelings through  Some people feel more comfortable with friends and loved ones. Others prefer helplines, counselling, group support or buddying services.

Talk to your GP and cancer team too  They can refer you for talking therapies and may discuss options such as medication to ease low mood or anxiety. These might help if you’re on a waiting list for NHS support.

There’s something for everyone  Some services are aimed at people living with cancer, carers, cancer survivors, people at the end of their life, and people who are bereaved. Others support for anyone touched by cancer.

If you’re preparing for end of life, seek support  Emotional support can be very valuable at this time. It can help everyone come to terms with what is happening now. Later, it can support with bereavement.

Explore online support  You can find groups, classes and information about cancer too. Use trustworthy sources such as NHS organisations and well-known cancer charities. All information that appears on Cancer Care Map has been checked and approved by our team of online editors.

Find role models for inspiration  Try cancer survivor Chris Lewis, who runs the award-winning (Twitter: @christheeagle1) or broadcaster Adele Roberts (Instagram: @adeleroberts) who is currently sharing her journey with cancer.

Social media can help  Use platforms like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to connect with cancer organisations and other people in your situation (peer support).

Social media tips

  • Don’t feel you have to actively take part – you can just watch
  • Don’t be afraid to step away from negative content.
  • Check your privacy settings and group settings: closed groups give you the highest level of privacy.
  • For even more privacy, set up a separate profile with a pseudonym.

To find out what’s available in your area, search the map.

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