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Read the blog posts below from organisations listed on the site to find out more about them as well as cancer care related articles in the news. If you would like to write a piece for inclusion, please contact us at cancercaremap@dimblebycancercare.org
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Guest blog: Complementary therapies in cancer care

18 March 2019   •   by RobinP

Hervé Boisson is a nutritional therapy consultant, medical hypnotist, massage therapist and health blogger specialising in complementary therapies for people with cancer at Northwood Holistic Healing.

"Having a cancer diagnosis can be devastating. With mixed feelings and lots of questions, people often have a good look at what help they can get, and often go to complementary therapies in order to see what they can do for themselves.

Being able to take responsibility for your own healing is a very healthy course of action, and will empower you through the rest of your recovery and remission. Yet many are confused with the very large choice of therapies available.


So here is a non-exhaustive selection of complementary therapies that have been helpful to people who have or have had cancer.

Nutritional Therapy

We all have the intuition that diet and cancer are somewhat related. And...

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What's new on Cancer Care Map this week

15 March 2019   •   by RobinP

It's been another busy week for the team at Cancer Care Map, with 567 organisations now on our map offering care, support and practical help for people living with cancer across the UK. Here are just three of the latest additions to the map.

First up it's Berwick's Cancer Cars, an organisation that provides free transport to cancer patients who live in Berwick upon Tweed to most major...

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Guest blog: Creative Toolkits to Support Children Affected by Parental Cancer from Fruit Fly Collective

11 March 2019   •   by RobinP

Losing her father suddenly to cancer and amidst a cloak of silence had a profound effect on Caroline Leek, inspiring her to help other families affected by the disease.

"Results show that children who have a parent or carer diagnosed with cancer are at high risk of developing negative psychosocial problems, such as anxiety, sadness, anger, or irrational feelings of  guilt (Visser et al., 2004). Parents also report the difficulty of explaining cancer to their children in an age-appropriate way, and find it problematic to use words and terms that their children will understand. This poor communication is known to deepen the negative psychosocial feelings a child experiences (Semple & McCance, 2010).

"A week before my 13th birthday, my father died from cancer. There were no conversations about his illness or death, and my mum and I never really spoke about him again. Things started to crumble in my 30s and that’s when I faced up to the...

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