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Read the blog posts below from organisations listed on the site to find out more about them as well as cancer care related articles in the news. If you would like to write a piece for inclusion, please contact us at cancercaremap@dimblebycancercare.org
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Guest blog: what is Oncology Massage Therapy?

20 January 2020   •   by KateB

A guest blog by Susan Findlay, Oncology Massage Therapy Course provider.

What is Oncology Massage Therapy? And what makes oncology massage different?  These are the two questions I am most frequently asked by peers, clients and medical practitioners alike. Simply put, Oncology Massage Therapy (OMT) utilises conventional massage techniques and applies a tailored approach to clients suffering from cancer. Unlike conventional massage therapy, OMT places a specific focus on the clients’ state of health and the disease. 

OMT  is a complementary therapy that works alongside conventional medicine to help alleviate potential side effects that may develop from cancer treatments such as chemotherapy, radiotherapy and surgery. Consequently improving both the...

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Appy New Year: the apps that can help you with your cancer diagnosis

02 January 2020   •   by KateB

A cancer diagnosis can be overwhelming and exhausting.  Managing appointments, symptoms, side effects, emotions and everything else that comes with the cancer-patient territory, can feel like a full time job.  But, just as for everything else in our lives, there are apps out there that can help take the strain.

A quick search in the app store on your device will bring back a bewildering number of results in the health and wellbeing space, but we recommend selecting ones that have had some level of vetting against basic security and performance standards, such as the ones checked and listed in the NHS Apps Library.

As we come across helpful apps that offer support for cancer patients, we list them on Cancer Care Map and there’s a ‘Mobile App’ option in the Service Type dropdown menu if you want to search...

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Beyond medication: finding services for physical and emotional wellbeing

06 December 2019   •   by KateB

When you're living with cancer, medical services will be at the heart of your care. However there are other positives steps you can take before, during and after cancer treatment that can also improve your well-being and your long-term health.  

Thinking of ways of looking after yourself at this difficult time might feel overwhelming, but doing so can help you feel as well as possible during treatment, recover more quickly, and feel good about yourself.

So when you’re ready, you’ll find there is a range of services to be discovered on Cancer Care Map to help improve your wellbeing – not only physically, but also emotionally...

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