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About Cancer Care Map

Cancer Care Map is an online resource to help people living with cancer find care and support services in their local area, anywhere in the UK. The website is run by cancer charity, The Richard Dimbleby Cancer Fund.

How does it work?

People with cancer, their friends and family and healthcare professionals can search for any cancer-related service, free of charge. A team works to make sure the details are up to date.

Why is it needed?

There are services supporting people with cancer around the UK but it can be hard to find out about them, and online information is often out of date. The aim is to make sure that no one goes unsupported because they are not aware of a service in their local area.

What services are included?

There is a huge of range of cancer-related support across the UK, run by charities, NHS organisations, community groups and some small practices or private companies. This takes many forms, including:

  • information and advice
  • counselling and emotional support
  • coping with anxiety
  • specialist massage
  • transport to appointments
  • hairdressers and wig fitters
  • health and fitness
  • nutrition and wellbeing
  • financial advice…

… and much more. To search for what’s available in your area, click below

Who do we work with?

Cancer Care Map works closely with the NHS England Cancer Alliances and counterparts in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland to embed Cancer Care Map as their main online resource for signposting care and support to people living with cancer.

We also work in partnership with charities like Macmillan Cancer Support, Maggie’s and Shine Cancer Support – along with all the organisations we list, and local cancer professionals, to make sure our listings are complete and up to date.

How did it start?

The idea for the site came from broadcaster Jonathan Dimbleby (chair of the Richard Dimbleby Cancer Fund) in response to a request from a friend for information about local services.

In 2013, a friend asked me to source cancer services for his wife. I realised there was no comprehensive resource I could use to do this. I went to the board of the Richard Dimbleby Cancer Fund, which I chair, and we discussed the possibility of developing our own site to make sure that nobody goes without the care they need.

Jonathan Dimbleby, Broadcaster and Chair of The Richard Dimbleby Cancer Fund

How was it developed?

Cancer Care Map was developed with the input of a group of current and former cancer patients, carers and clinical staff.

The charity commissioned research to map cancer support services and look at what signposting was available, before launching a pilot site mapping services in south-east London. In 2019, the map was extended across the UK.

How is it funded?

This project is run by The Richard Dimbleby Cancer Fund. It is made possible by public donations, legacies and by grants from Trusts and Foundations. If you would like to support our work you can donate here.

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