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Support for Ovarian Cancer in the UK | Ovarian Cancer Awareness

11 March 2023 - by David Allen

In the UK alone, almost 7,500 people are diagnosed with ovarian cancer every year, making it the sixth most common cancer in women.

In recognition of Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month, we shine a light on some of the incredible charity organisations offering help and support to those living with ovarian cancer in the UK.

The Eve Appeal

This national charity was set up to raise awareness and fund research into the five gynaecological cancers. They have an “Ask Eve” information service which is a nurse-led telephone helpline to answer any questions you have about any gynaecological symptoms or concerns you are having including ovarian cancer.


Charity that supports women living with ovarian cancer. It provides an online forum where you can anonymously gain help and information from others affected by ovarian cancer. There is also a symptom diary to help you record your symptoms to assist your discussions with your GP.

Sam’s Diamonds

This cancer support charity has a simple mission: to provide an uplifting and empowering space for cancer patients. It works to see women living with cancer to regain their confidence, independence and motivation. Sam’s Diamonds offers support through social meet-ups, a peer network, signposting, workshops and exercise classes.

Go Girls

Supporting women with ovarian cancer, this charity campaigns to raise funds and awareness of all five gynaecological cancers. Support services include information about symptoms, diagnosis, and treatment of gynaecological cancer, online-peer-to-peer support and signposting to events and fundraising support.

Ovarian Cancer Action

The Patient Hub at Ovarian Cancer Action provides information and advice that will help guide those living with ovarian cancer from diagnosis, through to treatment and beyond. It offers information and advice about topics such as understanding diagnosis, treatment, cancer detection and recurrence. Their IMPROVE UK campaign is a groundbreaking project to tackle health inequalities for women with ovarian cancer. 

Target Ovarian Cancer

This charity works to improve early diagnosis and fund research for ovarian cancer. The service offers a nurse-led support line, local support, an online community, professional support service and social events both digital and face-to-face. Working with health professionals and cancer patients alike, they target the areas that matter most. 

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