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Yara | No one should go through cancer alone | Guest Post

18 April 2024 - by Yara

At Yara, we’re building an innovative mobile app where like-minded patients can come together in small online groups to exchange knowledge, share experiences and connect with one another.

We believe that no one should be alone through their illness. Yara will connect patients in small online groups, called Pods. We’ll use information on condition, age, and personality to match up the right people, so that the Pods are as engaging and active as they can be.

We are looking for patients who have been diagnosed with cancer, either recently or in the past, to help us build an incredible experience for patients.

If this is you, and you wish to help then please click this link – Help the Yara team – to leave a few details so the team can get in touch with you. This should only take you 30 seconds. You can also register your interest via our website.

What will happen if I leave my contact details?

Venetia or Ed will contact you to arrange a short video/phone call to learn more about your situation, and what you might want from an online community that connects individuals with similar interests. This call should only take 15-30 minutes, and any further time commitments will be entirely up to you.

We value your input immensely – we want to listen to your experiences so that we build the best experience possible for cancer patients across the country.

Who are we?

Venetia and Ed are both clinical professionals by background, and together have spent 30+ years working in healthcare.

Having seen first hand the stress that illness can place on people, we think that patients deserve an easy, convenient way to be part of a trusted network.

Whether you’re navigating a new diagnosis or on the road to recovery, Yara is a safe space to ask questions, connect with other like-minded people and make sure you have access to the help you need.

Our aim is to ensure you’re never alone.


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