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06 May 2021 — David Allen

Integrative Oncology UK 2021 | 15 May 2021 | 1 Day Online Conference

Taking place on Saturday 15th May, there's a new online conference for healthcare professionals looking to learn more about the benefits of an evidence based integrative approach to cancer care.

04 May 2021 — Cancer Care Map

Fighting Cancer Fatigue | When You’re Tired of Feeling Tired | Help & Advice

We all know what it’s like to feel tired – physically, mentally and emotionally, but usually after some relaxation and a good night’s sleep, we are ready to take on the world again. When you have cancer, though, rest often just doesn’t touch it.

27 April 2021 — David Allen

Cancer Support Services in Coventry | City Spotlight

The medieval city of Coventry is the focus of our latest City Spotlight. We shine a light one just a few of the cancer support services serving the people of Coventry.

26 April 2021 — Cancer Care Map

Scanxiety | Help & Advice

Scanxiety or scan anxiety is a common feeling when going through cancer treatment. Here we share some first-hand advice and tips for how to manage your worries.

21 April 2021 — David Allen

5 Minutes with Vinehealth | Your Cancer Services

With smartphone apps becoming increasingly valuable to those living with cancer, we spoke to the team at Vinehealth. The app helps people living with cancer to track their symptoms, manage their medications and understand their care.

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